Discount KeylessProgramming


​     Keys will require a trip to either a dealership or an automotive locksmith for the programming. We recommend contacting a dealership for pricing as well as visiting Generally the programming will all be done the same way so we recommend taking the key(s) to whoever provides you with the best quote.

Please make sure to have all remotes you want to work with the vehicle, new and old, with you at the time of programming as absent remotes will discontinue to function until reprogrammed.

You can also find this information located in your owners manual. Please read through the programming before attempting. 

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  1. Get in your vehicle, close and lock all doors using the power lock switch on the driver’s door.
  2. Without turning the key, insert and remove the key from the ignition a minimum of six (6) times within a ten (10) second period. You will want to continue inserting and removing the key more than six (6) times within the ten (10) second period until the indicators on the dash (also called hazard lamps or blinker lights) flash twice.
  3. When the indicators flash twice, insert the key into the ignition and turn it as far to the ON position as it will go without actually starting the vehicle (also known as the ACC position).
  4. On the first remote you wish to program, press the LOCK button and the indicators should flash twice to confirm the remote programming has been accepted.
  5. To program an additional remote, using the power lock switch on the driver’s door, UNLOCK then LOCK all the vehicle doors and repeat Step 4. (You can program up to 4 remotes to the vehicle at one time)
  6. Once you have programmed all of your remotes, exit the programming mode by starting the vehicle, turn it off and remove the key. Open the driver’s door and close it.
  7. Test all remotes to ensure they are functioning. If any did not program, restart the programming procedure from STEP 1 and switch the order in which you are programming the remotes.

Nissan / Infiniti programming