Discount KeylessProgramming

     If you have reached this page then unfortunately the vehicle type you have is not able to be self programmed without the use of diagnostic equipment usually found at a dealership or an automotive locksmith. 

     For the type of vehicle you have a trip to either a dealership or an automotive locksmith will be required to program the item(s) you ordered to the vehicle. We recommend contacting a local dealership or two as well as to visit a website called to obtain a programming quote. Most places will have to program the item(s) you purchased the same way so we recommend going to whoever gives you the best quote.

Tips for your visit:

  • The item(s) that you purchased are replacement products, not original, and sometimes dealerships and/or locksmiths will try to tell you it won't work because it looks different. As long as you have ordered correctly using the information available on our listings, a statement like this from a programmer would be invalid.
  • If the programmer never actually uses your vehicle in attempt to program the item(s) you purchased and attempts to tell you the item(s) will not program, this statement is invalid. All items must be programmed with equipment hooked up to the vehicle so it would be impossible to have even attempted the programming without actually going inside it.
  • If you purchased a key, the blade must be cut, in the ignition, and turned to the ON position for any programming to be performed. If a programmer tells you a key will not program without actually cutting it first, this statement is invalid. 

Dealer or automotive locksmith programming only